Promoting Conservation Through Education

With our enviable FSC certification and commitment to environmentally responsible practices, it is no surprise that The Woodland Trust chose us to deliver their printing and advertising requirements.

With over 50,000 members and supporters, The Woodland Trust covers 26,000 hectares at 1,000 sites around the UK. The trust uses printed products such as leaflets, posters, fliers and swatch booklets to raise awareness of the issues facing UK woodland and inform the general public about what can done locally to protect and encourage wildlife all over the country.

We print many Swatch Book variations for The Woodland Trust. The “Minibeast Swatch Book” is the perfect example of the type of printed product that The Woodland Trust requires to boost public interaction and environmental awareness.

The artwork was provided by The Woodland Trust and the Swatch Book itself was Litho printed using a four colour process on both sides. The individual pages have a gloss laminate finish and are hand finished with a clear plastic screw to hold the pages in the correct order - allowing them to be fanned out instead of turned.

Educational wall posters illustrating topics such as Woodland tree species in the UK, and small booklets – for example, those providing information about “Tring Park” – are printed on our B1 litho press using FSC paper and a four colour process that ensures a high quality finish. The small booklets have a matt finish and are stitched on the T and B collating machine, whereas the posters receive a glossier finish and are folded before packaging.

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