Spot UV: The Perfect Finishing Touch

Spot UV is a great way to sprinkle a bit of magic on your print job - in this blog post we’ll look at exactly what it is and how to get the best results.

So, what is spot UV?

Spot UV is a thick varnish that is transparent in appearance and is dried using a UV light.

It is usually applied to a small portion of your print to draw out details and gives a premium shiny effect which helps your materials to stand out from the rest.

This process is known as 'splotting'.

Spot UV can be applied across the entirety of your print job but is best used to add a finishing touch to some lettering or an image.

How does it work?

In order to apply a UV coating to the entirety of the paper the sheets are fed through a machine. As the paper is being fed through it is covered in a UV coating and placed under a set of infra-red lamps. Finally, they pass through a set of UV lamps which dry the coating to the paper.

For spot UV a small die-cut template in the shape of the desired area is used. As the paper is being fed through the same process happens. The uncovered area is covered in a UV coating and then placed under two heating processes - an infra-red lamp and a UV lamp which dries and hardens the UV coating.

The UV coating not only looks good but also protects the paper as well – acting as a shield to protect the paper from scratches and tearing.

How can spot UV work for you?

Spot UV or an all over UV coating can add a great effect to your print job. With its glossy appearance, it instantly draws the reader’s eye and gives a premium feel to your project.

What can be particularly effective is to use a matte paper finish for the majority of your print job and add a spot UV title or lettering to really make your print job stand out from the crowd.

Do you think spot UV could be the finishing touch you’re looking for on your next project? Call us on 01733 341444 or email to find out how we can make your next print project sing.
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