High Impact Vinyl

We were delighted to play our part in the fantastic 'Bring the Paint' event at Victoria Shopping Centre in Leeds in May.

Bring the Paint is an International street art festival which brings renowned street artists from around the world for the UK's street art festival of the year.

While the main festival was in Leicester, Bring the Paint also came to Victoria Shopping Centre in Leeds where renowned large scale art installation experts Graffwerk created a beautiful 3D piece of art in Victoria Quarter.

Fisherprint TLC first installed the huge Class 0 anti-slip street wrap 12m x 4m white floor vinyl.

The artists at Graffwerk then created a bespoke piece of 3D artwork directly onto the vinyl.

The results were incredible...

The mural will be in situ in the Victoria Quarter of the shopping centre in Leeds until 14th June - make sure you check it out for yourself!

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