A Fresh Look for Vivacity

When Fisherprint TLC were asked to help refresh a local fitness centre naturally we couldn't wait to get started!

In August Fisherprint TLC were absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Vivacity to help refurbish its fitness studio at the Regional Fitness & Swimming Centre in Peterborough.

Part of the project involved rebranding and refreshing the current signage which is where Fisherprint TLC came in, working closely with Vivacity’s creative designer to bring the building to life.

Fisherprint TLC used a variety of materials for the colourful new signage, taking into consideration the different levels of humidity and moisture within the leisure centre. Foamex, Dibond, vinyls and acrylic were all used throughout to ensure the new signage will be long-lasting and the colours remain vibrant.

This project marks Fisherprint TLC’s third rebrand project of a local Vivacity leisure site and both staff and customers have commented on how much brighter and fresher the building looks and feels.

Do you need help with a rebrand? Contact the Fisherprint TLC team on 01733 341444 or email us on sales@fishertlc.co.uk to find out how we can help you.
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